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Weekly Classes and Occasional Performances

رقص = Raqs = Dance

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Monica teaches weekly Middle Eastern Dance classes at Lines Dance Center in San Francisco, California. Lines is centrally located at 26 Seventh Street (at Market) on the 5th Floor, and easily accessible via BART and lots of MUNI lines. Lines is also close to several low cost parking lots and has secure bike parking in the building. Monica has taught at Lines since 2003.

6 to 7:: Fundamentals and Basics::Technique. No prerequisites, all are welcome
7 to 8:: Intermediate/Advanced::Expression. At least a couple of years of Egyptian, pan-Arab, or other MENAT style dance (home, social or studio) is recommended
Register for class directly with Lines
Classes are ongoing—join in anytime
More details abut Monica's focus in class can be found here

Note: No classes August 21 and 28, 2017.


Carnival of Stars, Alameda, CA (Performing July 23rd, 12:30PM on the Main Stage + Judging the contest at 4:00)


Monica has been studying dances, movement, music, songs, percussion, and languages of Egypt and the Arab world since she was a teenager, with training in San Francisco, New York City, and Cairo. She worked professionally for many years as a performer in restaurants and clubs, as well as at countless weddings and celebrations in the Bay Area and beyond. She still occasionally performs for select events and bookings (by referral only for the most part), and brings MENAT artists to teach in the Bay Area when possible. Monica currently teaches classes, plays music, and continues to dance and learn. She is also performing member of Aswat and the Aswat Women's Ensemble.


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Image shows Monica bellydancing wearing a green Egyptian dress in an animated gif courtesy of Alonzo King Lines Dance Center